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Restructuring debts for accelerated payoff

A quick way to retire your debt is to first list all your debts on the CURRENT DEBT INFORMATION tab. Second, make a monthly commitment on the ADDITIONAL DEBT PAYMENTS tab. Third, select “Highest to Lowest Interest Rate” on the ASSUMPTIONS tab to rank your debts. The calculator has you making all minimum payments plus the monthly commitment as an extra payment against your highest ranked debt. Once the highest ranked debt is paid off, “roll-over” its monthly payment and the monthly commitment as an additional payment to the next highest ranked debt. Repeat the Roll-Over Payment Plan until all debts are paid. Not only will you save interest by paying off your loans, the money you used to pay down debt can now go towards savings! We’ll calculate how much savings you can accrue by the time you would have finally paid off your debts had you not followed the Roll-Over Payment Plan.

Current Debt Information

(0% to 40%)
Debt-1 ($)
Debt-2 ($)
Debt-3 ($)
Debt-4 ($)
Debt-5 ($)
Debt-6 ($)
Debt-7 ($)
Debt-8 ($)
Debt-9 ($)
Debt-10 ($)
Debt-11 ($)
Debt-12 ($)
Debt-13 ($)
Debt-14 ($)
Debt-15 ($)
Debt-16 ($)
Debt-17 ($)
Debt-18 ($)
Debt-19 ($)
Debt-20 ($)

Additional Debt Payments


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