Profit Payout Calculator

Let’s see how much your share of this year’s $8.4 Million Profit Payout could have been. Check your use of direct deposit or online banking, and enter your total average balances for each account. With any two relationships your household should qualify, but aim for a minimum of three to increase your Payout.

Your Estimated Profit Payout
Remember, you need at least 3 categories to qualify for Profit Payout.
Are you a business owner with an active Business Checking account?
Do you have Home, Auto, or Life Insurance with us?

Profit Payout dividend is discretionary and approved annually by CommunityAmerica's Board of Directors. Amounts advertised are representative of actual dividends paid in 2019. Dividend is not guaranteed and amounts may vary based on membership engagement level. Not everyone receives a dividend and member must be in good standing and meet other criteria on processing date to qualify. Contact CommunityAmerica to see if you qualify. Dividends are reported to IRS and a 1099 form will be issued at year-end. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of recipient.